Crocker Park OutDoor mall

Crocker park outdoor mall

Located In Westlake Ohio, This Outdoor mall is must visit if you are in Near area. Surrounded by some amazing restaurants, and Regal cinema movie theater, I think it is an amazing Outdoor mall for family to have walk and have some great time. Fun facts: The only Apple store Located in that is near Cleveland Ohio area is in Crocker Park Mall.

Lake to lake biking trail

Another great place to visit in Cleveland is : lake to lake biking trail. If you live in Middleburg area, or if you are trying explore some local area take your bike there and explore this trail. It has become one of my fav spot now !

Recent visit Kelly’s Island 🌴

Lived here in Cleveland for almost 10 yeas I recently had an opportunity to visit Kelly’s island and it was amazing experience. From taking ferry, riding golf cart, kayaking, biking to watching sun set, it was one relaxing 😌 experience. I highly recommend if any one of you are looking for place to go and chill for one day experience.

Som Adhikari exploring Cleveland

I think Cleveland is underrated. All you have to do is Google things to do in Cleveland, and you will have list to explore: check out whiskey island for starter.