Som Adhikari Exploring Cleveland

I recently visited Cleveland botanical Garden, and I think it’s must go place if you are a nature lover. You will fall in love with all different plants, and you will get to have nice walk in nature.

Som Adhikari exploring Cleveland

I think Cleveland is underrated. All you have to do is Google things to do in Cleveland, and you will have list to explore: check out whiskey island for starter.

Som Adhikari’s Should I live or Die?

Som Adhikari

Should I live or Die ?


This life is sad,I can never be happy

World seems bad, and I’m very Sloppy

All I see now is darkness and soul empty 

No one to see my hardness and feel empathy


 Who would care?  should I live or die ?

Life isn’t just fair, should I stand or lie?

Lonely here I’m, ready to die

Common death take me and fly


 Wait! May be life isn’t that bad,

When I hike I’m not very sad


When sun rises east, I go for run

All the celebration and feast, I tend to have fun

Like hills have ups and down, life seems same

I shall learn to build my crown, life with fame


But I care about me, so I shall live

Explore and lot to see, in me I believe

I don’t want to die, so death go away

Happily let me fly, so death go away